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"Buy it for the moment,

        buy it for the investment,

                        buy it for the story"




The Edison Exchange is proud to offer a great selection of Antique and Estate Jewelry. We absolutely love what we do and believe in what we do. 

The founder & Estate Jeweler, Dustin Ellis, offers selections from his personal collection and the inventory of The Edison Exchange. Pieces are acquired from collections and sometimes by chance. Anything can be anywhere at anytime!

Words from Dustin Ellis: "I have a few rules when I'm on the road buying, or looking at a collection. Two of those rules in my decision making process are as follows: Do I love it? Would I keep it? If I can answer yes to both of those questions then I never lose. The world of Estate Jewelry is one filled with beauty and history. At one time the artist and the manufacturer were one in the same. These pieces represent eras when quality and humanity once walked hand in hand. These pieces inspire me, they challenge contemporary artistry, and most of all tell a story. I absolutely love what I do."

Gabriel Gaytan James Avery

Gabriel Gaytan
Estate Jewelry Specialist

Gabriel Gaytan is our "signed silver" specialist. He handles our attributed sterling silver pieces like James Avery, Tiffany, David Yurman, John Hardy, and Konstantino. Gabriel also orchestrates many of our background operations and advertising. He keeps us organized and going.


Many times people ask "why The Edison Exchange"? "It doesn't remind me of jewelry". That's kind of the point. We pride ourselves on being a unique venue to exchange Estate Jewelry, gold, silver, vintage watches, coins and even costume jewelry for currency, while also offering said items to savvy collectors and enthusiasts. We want to provide a unique experience and we want unique items to find their way to us.
Our name refers to the Edison Phonographs and the bygone eras that have produced amazing quality precious objects. The style, architecture and music of the Art Deco era have even become our signature decor and vibe. Our name directly references the Edison Phonograph dealers in large cities like "The Edison Exchange of Chicago", where numerous Edison Phonographs were distributed to the masses in the early 1900s. A time when technology, humanity and art fused together to change the world forever. The name is unique and timeless like the items we acquire and offer. 

Dustin Ellis and Gabriel Gaytan The Edison Exchange

Original 1920s advertising for "The Edison Exchange" of Chicago

Ad 2.jpg

We are based in Historic Downtown Winnsboro, Texas
Address: New Location Opening Soon
The Edison Exchange

217 N Main St.
Winnsboro, TX 75494

Our Estate Jewelry Gallery features a showroom for Estate Jewelry, Coins, Native American Jewelry and Art, Navajo Rugs, Watches, Sterling Silver and other Fine Antiques. We also purchase Estate Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Watches, Native American Jewelry & Art, and Fine Antiques at our location. We specialize in large estate acquisitions and fine Estate evaluation and purchase of precious items and Jewelry. We also purchase coin collections and fine antiques. 

We are located inside the Civic Center and Antiques Area

Canton Texas Estate Jewelry

At Canton Trade Days we offer a wide variety of Antique & Estate Jewelry, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Watches, Gold Filled, Pearls, Gemstone Pieces, Native American, Southwest, Turquoise & even Costume Jewelry. We are constantly buying and selling so we always have something new. 

Queen Pat Canton Texas

Come check out Queen Pat of the Costume Jewelry Kingdom at our booth at Canton Trade Days. She will knight you!

We offer a selection of costume jewelry to purchase, and we add to the pile each month. 

Queen Pat is over this "costume Jewelry Kingdom" and says if you "make a pile I'll make you smile". 

Come snag a photo with her and end up on her Facebook or Instagram page. 

Facebook: Royal Pat (Queen Pat)


Instagram: @queenpat.123

For more information on Canton Trade Days and Dates please click on the following link:


The Edison Exchange Estate Jewelry

Check us out on Facebook for weekly live sales featuring Sterling Silver, Costume, Turquoise, Native American, Gemstone & Estate Jewelry
We Generally Go Live Every Thursday Night Plus Weekend Events.
Other sellers are active on the page other nights!

$5 Flat Rate US shipping to anywhere in the United States with easy invoicing and payment through Paypal.

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